Tales Out of School (1): He Says, She Says

By | 1 February 2012

‘I’d like to know’, says the girl who intends
to be married in autumn, ‘if heaven is true

and it’s made up of people like us’.
And she got married too. And the boy sitting next to her

says, ‘I don’t reckon there’s any such place. If there is,
it’s geometry, shapes’, while he eyeballs her shape.

‘You won’t get in anyway’, says a girl who’ll be smashed
before midnight tonight,

‘you’ll be standing outside’. ‘What do you mean’,
says the boy, who will soon be on night shift,

and noting each businessman who comes and asks for Room Six.
‘I saw the way he was looking at her’, says the girl

with the big night ahead; ‘I’ve heard boys who strip girls
with their eyes will never see heaven again’.

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