Jackpot Economy

By | 1 August 2012

a joker Wednesday      dripping
with the good fortune of global warming
      best July rain in sixty years
residents huddle in the basement
      café of their local RSL
picture window onto the carpark
red-welcoming carpet      warm
      as the voice of a favourite machine
they sit around tables sized for intimacy
weaving between chairs and other patrons
      balancing trays of unrationed water
      serviette supplies      a fistful of sugars
eat away a private afternoon      in public
      with a half-serve of roast (the ladies)
and a slice of lemon meringue pie
the new chef cut into 8 instead of 12
      it’s offered with a badge of proud cream
and a sorry for the battleship portion—
slicing through the deck of marshmallow
      the pastry hull with its generous lemon-
custard cargo      sweet/sour as the weather
      a smile trumps the wrinkles
      sun shines its brief blessing
      no need for a flutter today

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