1 August 2012

anenome of anenome in ford datura talking about dransfield as travelling ghost, saying pitcherthislotta urbanmythnamedroppin circa72 sydney (man!) finishplayinbackamoon
coogee (man!) jokthere ghostsmokinardath (man!) incorner (man!) zeitgeistdoorsmore
open byjimtheman (man!) mostofus writeread poetry (man!) soireeinvitein darlinghurst (man!) friendofrienpad (man!) backafrench’stavern diamondogbox bowieparachute in (man!) ceilindimlit candleincensedark side o’moon morphin (man!) genegeniehostdressplayinsitar readindransfiel (man!) stop pass on lhs read stop pass on lhs someone readpassinreadpassinreadpassinreadsinbillowingsmoke Halt! Who goes there? Ghos … (man!)
Dransfiel!! Walkininsittingdownan JACKPOT (man!) i read …my own stuff (man!) reachininjacketpocket anslidinonhisbook tofootend
dransfielsays ‘taste’ (man!)
‘can’t call ‘em drug poems’ (man!) – ‘mere modernist tosh’ (man!) – And I pass history on left hand side where life on mars starts over

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