Dennis Garvey

I live mostly in regional west oz in a good spot for breathing easy, reading and the occasional burst of writing. Less would be more and more less if he could write haiku / haikai.

13 – 4 Looks to Thyself

Thirteen pomegranates hanging On such a small shrub Redding over summer turning Crimson in the fall Rubies ripe for eating juicing Dressing up our meals Undressing at night performing The superfood of sex Beneficial to the body allaying Declining mental …

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Olde Worlde Cento

Suffer the street collection (again!) Knick-knacks of uncertain use, [Literary lists removed due to council regulations] Empty CD cases and distant blues, Faded covers, whacky videoclips, Vinyls still turning a profit, O apostle of messianic time… What a great pain …

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anenome of anenome in ford datura talking about dransfield as travelling ghost, saying pitcherthislotta urbanmythnamedroppin circa72 sydney (man!) finishplayinbackamoon coogee (man!) jokthere ghostsmokinardath (man!) incorner (man!) zeitgeistdoorsmore open byjimtheman (man!) mostofus writeread poetry (man!) soireeinvitein darlinghurst (man!) friendofrienpad (man!) backafrench’stavern …

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Recuperating Malley: Uncouth days …

Click the image for a full-size view.

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