The Lunchbox Review

By | 30 June 2008

The Lunchbox is a convenient take-away food shop in Hunter Street, Sydney, next door to the Tobacconist and a few shops down from the well-known Golf Shop.

The proprietress, Mrs Beatrice B. prides herself on providing fresh food daily. Sandwiches and rolls are created to suit each and every palate. She explains, 'Our salad sandwich is a Sydney gem. It is studded with what you would expect: lettuce, tomato and onion – and our special ingredient-home-cooked beetroot. I am of opinion that this is one of the best foods to boost good health. Beetroot is the next best thing to beetroot juice, which is so widely promoted these days. I was introduced to it at a recent séance when the members spoke highly of it.' Other favourites of her customers include salmon sandwiches and ham with mustard.

Each morning including Saturday, when her daughter, Irene comes in to help, Mrs Bussey decorates the window display with a delectable variety of fruits and cakes. Morning and afternoon tea are both available. Asked what drink is popular she said 'Office workers stroll past our shop towards the Botanical Gardens for lunch and they often call in for some cool lemonade. At sixpence a glass, this is worth every penny.'

Hours are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 12.30pm Saturday

No eftpos or credit card facility as this is still 1937.


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