Margaret Owen Ruckert

Margaret Owen Ruckert has explored food and society in You Deserve Dessert and Musefood, an IP Poetry Book of the Year. Her tanka appears in international journals and travel photo-books. She coordinates a local Café Poets group and presents workshops as Facilitator of Hurstville’s Discovery Writers.

some days he was sure

they were on a school camp somewhere in the wilderness to learn about nature four friends together swapping secrets in the dark— ‘I stole a packet of chips in the shop’ ‘I found Mum’s bag & took some money’ ‘I …

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a friend moves between carriages and sits down beside me. we start talking. worst night in years. rain smashing on bleary windows. I remember. stormy nights in a crazy fibro. how as a child I’d run between rooms. carrying rags …

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Jackpot Economy

a joker Wednesday      dripping with the good fortune of global warming       best July rain in sixty years residents huddle in the basement       café of their local RSL picture window onto the carpark red-welcoming carpet      warm       as the voice of a favourite machine …

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is there more to worry than lunch?

well before advertising shouted fresh a woman down Hunter St decorates her window as purveyor of edibles, proprietress of freshness she has no telephone to ring for supplies food webs of people seek her out carting fuel on foot, she's …

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The Lunchbox Review

The Lunchbox is a convenient take-away food shop in Hunter Street, Sydney, next door to the Tobacconist and a few shops down from the well-known Golf Shop. The proprietress, Mrs Beatrice B. prides herself on providing fresh food daily. Sandwiches …

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