Why be a delegate?

By | 24 July 2007

Alright, we're ready now. Not all issues
are black and white. Not all issues
are about how to fight. But the facts
are: this one's different. We're not it.

A creature marries. Is reborn. It
marries again. The history, thus,
lives on. A moving feast. Our structure:
it's ad hoc, sure, but improving.

And can I just say? Can I just?
Say that they have to, now,
building and strengthening, building
our networks, some of our members.

The structure grows. It goes thus:
You're at the coal-face. You are,
you are our members, a structure
that informs and helps us grow.

Growth is systematic activity,
and it relates to our peculiar
structure. Over time, this devolves
into a kind of third party activism.

You look! They pay their fees. They
expect their – what are they going
to do? You look, and we'll review it.
Unpack it. Finesse it even. Of course.

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