Tom Clark

Tom Clark is a lecturer in public relations, professional writing and literary studies at Victoria University in Melbourne. His published research into rhetoric and writing style includes detailed analyses of sports commentary and journalism, with a particular interest in the poetic qualities of 'sports talk' and its attendant clichés.

Canada, Late September

A haiku and a meditation     In all places now we hear the wind sing of war: dust will fall for dust.   * * * *   I stepped briefly outside myself – or so I thought when …

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That Old Light on the Hill

I dreamt up a little verse – and in my mind, a circus-ground of sound, it neatly rhymed before this telling (inevitably) brings it worse. In fog, a weary one did climb an old stone staircase, spiralling, echoing ocean, up …

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Why be a delegate?

Alright, we're ready now. Not all issues are black and white. Not all issues are about how to fight. But the facts are: this one's different. We're not it. A creature marries. Is reborn. It marries again. The history, thus, …

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Dhe songmoth had u mikst pyoupaishen, biset bii feet uv bigu thingz; stil, daiz wur waum, dhu skii wuz kleer, dhaer wuz mutc tou lern. Ov krisulis it sed: dhis wuz byoutifool, but it rikwiird kurij. Ii kept louzing thingz. …

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Maibee dhai point aor wai hoem flangkt biiy erlen u gauntlet uv lantenz and maibee noebul beests hou greet us winsing and groening yet kwiiyetur dhan rain aar onvoiz: good mauning good kreetcur, wel met! Dhats wot ii wont tou …

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U praer fur joniy

Werld, win wun welthines! Fiiting loenliy gloumiy wunlines (kapetul waijez, kapetul fun) fur just sum rispiit, bring mee meniy luvz! Iiy, u soluteriy soejernur, am nuthing withaot morulz: but fur werldwiid riseshen, iiy am withaot belt. Aul thingz aar inklemint. …

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Az ii wondurd – loenliy not uloen – daon paadhz uv liit dhe sun on mii bak and ii – dhen despuret fur sum luv – feeling hot and flushd – mii neediy fraon must huv werkt its wundurz fur …

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