By | 1 July 1997

Az ii wondurd
– loenliy not uloen –
daon paadhz uv liit
dhe sun on mii bak
and ii – dhen despuret
fur sum luv – feeling hot
and flushd – mii neediy fraon
must huv werkt its wundurz
fur dhai smiild at mee
– loenliy, long, lost
on kongkreet korudauz –
waumd tou mee
in dhiy upresiv sumur heet
and toald plezent tailz
uv udvencurz on dhe hii weekend:
‘Wer you dhaer?
Wen it hapend, wer you dhaer?’
Good frendz, dhoe
puhaps wun oevulooks et
in dhe sunshiin uv
– paur luvurz kworul
on dhe blisturing streets,
lumenting butraiyul
and aij-haadend duseets –
bencez and shaid dhat giv us
dhe kwiiyet beerz uv soludaretiy.

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