By | 1 August 2016


Speed of light insomniac runs,
angry mantras burn the tongue,
falling masonry fire shock it’s over.
Lifetime ago anger grew unbearable
a leader’s words touched the spirit,
reading the texts elated: do this
for love and land, strike the heart,
avenge injustice. Old nightmare’s fury
proved accurate driving there (no turning back)
smuggle the steel cylinders to the basement.
Flashlights beam the rubble. Remote-pilot
assassin birds visit villages, shower rockets.
Flashlights beam the rubble.
Cold winds blow from angry hearts.

Robot X

No lightning bolts from my fist
today, nor dramatic transformations
human to machine and back,
my zigzag ceased at midnight
I was a killer machine
confessing badness to the moon
when my brain seized
and the fighting stopped
I resumed a peaceful life
among animals and plants.
but (no buts) robotic impulses
occasionally drive my actions
till the nervous system


Diluted by moonlight, industrial
strength sleep is not too deep
beyond what you imagine—
Ah to be in the crazed time and place
the music took us into space
and we saw flying saucers for real.
Before that it was rickety
metal and home rotting red bricks
the missions to the moon, vitamins
and transistor radios designed by mad scientists—
sudden pharmacopeia, precision
machines, hallucinatory night-art-3D
an endless supply of paperbacks,
all were good reason
to shoot rockets into the heart.

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