The smoke cleared, crawling

By | 14 December 2009

The smoke cleared, crawling
jujube bears like ants in brunetti
fathom that
such a sweet revelation!
The fog’s felix culpa of disaster
And die laughing.
The law is frozen politics –
and politics melts into stale disarray
– did the dog on the news say hamburger or typhos?
either way it’ll be beautie on the mountainy
and a double-shot of apathy.
diamonds of blood spatter
etched like fossils on an anonymous sidewalk
a mouse journalist fell against, shattering
into a thousand and one sugar-coated
liberties, besmirched by incompetence
failing sweet memory, subdued by a silent forbode
corkscrewing tendencies did prevail
we went armoured with rich wine and causes, quoting scripture,
dead poets
thirsty, panting for nothing less than rapture
until overwhelmed by intellectual drunkenness.
First, a smoky haze appeared
again, ugly but essential
the air turned surly and sulphurous; donning gas masks we blinked and stared into
the looking glass
I don’t know what you were doing yesterday, mate, but you got it
all over two rooms
chirped Alice rhetorically, while I
cling to her modern day spin
Deciding that I must absolutely have the last word.
… unless
this bucket of melted action figures on the front step were delivered
to the wrong address.
he pondered perhaps he’d booted a hospital pass, thrown a grenade
against the flow of play,
but crawling from the mangle with eyes only on the big screen
she muttered
willing him to change the theme from Titanic
to For a Few Dollars More
Or any Morricone. Something wistful, like his eyes.
Something that moved her insides.

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