S.K. Kelen


Sirens Speed of light insomniac runs, angry mantras burn the tongue, falling masonry fire shock it’s over. Lifetime ago anger grew unbearable a leader’s words touched the spirit, reading the texts elated: do this for love and land, strike the …

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Her stabbing stilettos sweet kisses in the sea-struck mind— Love the hate the love-me, love-me-nots hurt, so deep runs the magic and sweet brutality impossible to resist the phone call to misery is the fairy tale you live in, a …

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Chris Mooney-Singh Reviews S.K. Kelen

On the way back from the Frankston Motor Registry, my Singapore-born nephew, now the proud possessor of his P-plates, drove confidently and in a celebratory mood. I was happy that learner had turned ‘chauffeur’ so that I could revert to one of the idle contentment of life – reading aloud from a new collection of poems without pressing interruptions. I decided to try out The Poem Relevancy Test with a couple of random pieces. In his early twenties and now at university, this post-modern Everyman communicates mostly through text message and is one of the vast majority of non-poetry readers. Thus, Island Earth: New and Selected Poems became the tome for some stick-the-finger-in-the-page bibliomancy while we motored through death-camp quiet suburbia.

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The smoke cleared, crawling

The smoke cleared, crawling jujube bears like ants in brunetti fathom that such a sweet revelation! The fog’s felix culpa of disaster And die laughing. The law is frozen politics – and politics melts into stale disarray – did the …

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A City

Children's laughter and their mothers' gossip was returning to the market place after years of random kidnappings, suicide bombings and sniper attacks but caveman needs evolved into beliefs too powerful to remain at peace: an invisible guide born in a …

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