Ruoy Ycnellecxe

By | 1 November 2016

Ruoy Ycnellecxe, Si ti Laitram Wal?

Ro na elbattegrofnu nossel?

Ruoy Ycnellecxe, Erehw si Nuhc Ood-Nawh?   Ruoy Ycnellecxe, Era uoy evila?

Si Nuhc evila?

Laturb Noitan!  Era uoy evila?

ㄱ—ㅏ—ㄱ— ㅎ—ㅏ—ㄱ—ㅖ—ㅇ—ㅓ—ㅁ—ㄹ—ㅕ—ㅇ— ㅇ—ㅣ

The photo is from 518기자클럽. This site contains photos taken by several South Korean journalists during
the 18 May Gwangju Uprising in 1980.

The Gwangju Uprising also known as the May 18 Democratic Uprising took place in
Gwangju, South Korea, May 18 – 27, 1980. Students and civilians rose against the
martial law and military coup of 1980. With the tacit consent of the U.S., the
South Korean martial law troops brutally assaulted and opened fire at civilians
of Gwangju. According to the UNESCO’s archives on May 18, during the uprising,
165 died, 76 went missing, 3383 were injured, and 1476 were arrested. And another
102 died due to injuries after the uprising. The May 18 Democratic Uprising played
a crucial role in building a populist movement against the dictatorship through the 1980s.
It continues to inspire resistance against political, social, and economic injustice.

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