Don Mee Choi

Don Mee Choi is the author of Hardly War (Wave Books, 2016), The Morning News Is Exciting (Action Books, 2010), and translator of contemporary Korean women poets. Her most recent translation of Kim Hyesoon is Poor Love Machine (Action Books, 2016).

Ruoy Ycnellecxe

Ruoy Ycnellecxe, Si ti Laitram Wal? Ro na elbattegrofnu nossel? Ruoy Ycnellecxe, Erehw si Nuhc Ood-Nawh?   Ruoy Ycnellecxe, Era uoy evila? Si Nuhc evila? Laturb Noitan!  Era uoy evila? ㄱ—ㅏ—ㄱ— ㅎ—ㅏ—ㄱ—ㅖ—ㅇ—ㅓ—ㅁ—ㄹ—ㅕ—ㅇ— ㅇ—ㅣ —ㅂ—ㄴ—ㅣ—ㄲ—ㅏ? The photo is from 518기자클럽. This site …

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Four Poems from Kim Hyesoon’s ‘Autobiography of Death’

Kim Hyesoon is one of the most prominent poets of South Korea. She lives in Seoul and teaches creative writing at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. Her most recent books in translation are Sorrowtoothpaste Mirrorcream (Action Books, 2014) and I’m OK, I’m Pig (Bloodaxe Books, 2014).

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