Creative Vacancy

By | 1 November 2016

You jump at chancy Snapchat
possibilities, your suitcase eyes

looking better beneath the third
filter. You’re sitting here with

technology’s slouch, sinking
further into the selfworld

imagining a terrifying flightpath
from London to Kuala Lumpur

to anywhere really. ‘Be yourself,
Everyone else is already broken.’

At least that is what you intuit through
this cracked screen, apps scattered

across it like Bondi Beach’s littered
surface on Australia Day, the sky

described as azure by the pen
of the fabulist, by the massive finger

swiping right on more brilliant weather
ahead. So scroll down bright sunshine;

imagine me with wallet hands,
just dispensing money and cheap-grace.

Imagine me as the drunk, punching
his PIN into a macca’s EFTPOS machine

before declaring, ‘Cheeseburgers for all!’
And much later remind me to lawyer-

up when the city finally dissolves
into fine print, books a trial date,

tables itself as solid evidence.
New brief in these days of peril.

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