By | 13 February 2008

the buffet bar had only

iced corned beef and

pickle sandwiches it was

a boring novel it needed a

better murder and more full

stops the ticket inspector

carried a blue rubbish bag

in his other hand, and heated

pasties and pies to conversational

levels between announcements;

the black cattle provided some attractive

gazure and the descriptions of dostoyevsky's

sex life were absorbing though not a little

aquatic and archetypal but the moment

when he stood on a chair to get a better view

of the madonna was memorable it's always best

to travel with several books and a packet of ears

but the aeneid was too much of a big travel story

an embarrassment for this little trip to a nation's capital

the story of a woman's quest for preloved designer clothes

was on offer across the aisle for all lethargic passengers take

them home wash them and they're yours; then i had a thought

wouldn't it would be great if you could photocopy articles of

clothing you've left at the dry cleaners in case they're needed

for private reasons a head's a great place to live in for a while

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