does this count as living (if it’s only četiri mjeseci)?

By | 1 February 2019

In the AM
Mama skypes you and me (whispering)
the digits to collect
pare from Western Union.
Transfer like we’re paying a fee
for care, ljubav,
being a family.
As if it lessens what you carry for us,
as if without it
you wouldn’t survive.
(Government burnt your business
a decade ago. You’re almost all
still here.)

Water has been out for a week but
not much leaving now,
except for his trucks.
Gas is skupo and the car leaks,
so we limit usage to twice a day.
(to town for washing
laundry and ourselves,
for feeding Baba
doručak and večera)

In-between one carton of cigarete and the next
you talk about our spending.
Always turning it around and out,
wasting as if we weren’t just pretending
to be cash pare.
You know we’re not bogati either and
admit your needs.

(laugh off lacking)

Around five you sneak out
for some pljeskavica and krompir,
enough to gather us.

(hope your explanation
is set for his return)

Set the sto, tell us our places, serve hrana,
yak about childhood, community, and
the necessity of crna kafa.

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