Anita Solak

Anita Solak is a poet, writer and editor living and working on unceded Wurundjeri land. She is a 2023 Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellow. Her work can be found in Australian Multilingual Writing Project, Cordite, Going Down Swinging, and Runway Journal among others. She obsesses over fandom, electronic literature, the space language takes and playing with failures.

Syntax Error: Troubleshooting Failures in Coding and Language

The kind of learning I’ve been engaging in has left me not knowing the names of things, or forgetting them unless I am using them at that moment.

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this poem was supposed to be about sweat

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this is just another receipt

& yes I’ll carry it like all the others waiting for the dan when I don’t wake up thinking about all the debts I owe to people in my life all the money I’m doing wrong in this sci-fi film …

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does this count as living (if it’s only četiri mjeseci)?

In the AM Mama skypes you and me (whispering) the digits to collect pare from Western Union. Transfer like we’re paying a fee for care, ljubav, being a family. As if it lessens what you carry for us, as if …

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