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By , and | 1 October 2016

Translated from the Tamil to the English by P Rajani and Rajamanickam Azhagarasan

After gorging a pan full of pig’s blood
and gingili candy
our gods do savage dance,
striking fear and terror.

Like our Gods
We also don’t like that vegetarian curry.


Translated from the Tamil to the English by Rajamanickam Azhagarasan

Some forget the past.
But everything still keeps floating before my eyes-

The Hundi coins fixed with shells of the fish
that I caught and sold for the first time;

The nose-ring glittered in the light of the camphor
that I bought by selling the dry fish;

The Amman’s tongue hung-out like the fish-crazy cat
that had tasted the fish kolambu in the temple;
Everything seemed like yesterday.

The last time I met you was
At the festival in the Mandaikkattamman temple
Before that clash.

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