Rajamanickam Azhagarasan

Rajamanickam Azhagarasan is Associate Professor of Cultural Studies, Translation and Postcolonial Studies at the Department of English, University of Madras. He is the co-editor of The Oxford India Anthology of Tamil Dalit Writing (2012) with the prominent Tamil intellectual and anti-caste activist, D Ravikumar. Azhagarasan translated, from the Tamil into English, D Ravikumar’s Venomous touch: notes on caste, culture and politics (Samya 2009) and has edited New Bearings in English Studies: a Festschrift for C T Indra (Orient Longman 2008).

untitled poems

Translated from the Tamil to the English by P Rajani and Rajamanickam Azhagarasan After gorging a pan full of pig’s blood and gingili candy our gods do savage dance, striking fear and terror. Like our Gods We also don’t like …

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