Blue Trees

By | 1 July 2009

after Stephen Haley's Forest (2008)


In a forest of blue trees it's easy to feel lost.
Yet calling which way now Hansel

would be purely rhetorical; if a path leads
out of these trees it begins & ends with ourselves.

Ask instead-in this age of reality
why shouldn't office chairs adorn a forest floor?

Confused now with appearances
fall back on familiars:

trees shaped like trees, the idea of water
spilling over glistening stones,

stars suspended beneath the ceiling
by nothing more than our faith in art.

Here, to seek concrete answers
is to target a singular truth in the arc of night.

Beyond the forest's glass cage a computer
hums its music of making & the god

of images-who never wholly sleeps-projects
anew the waiting world: a forest is beautiful,

the blue light announces, a forest
could be this, or this, or this.

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