Dorothy Porter’s "PMT" – 2001: 3 mixes

By | 24 September 2002

piercing my turning piercing
pride my the pride my the pride
primitive more the primitive more the primi
nothing like a moon no
      like      moon no
it stares through it stares through

het het het het
like a mesmeri

la radio __ un
gos;sip; rubbish gos;sip rubbish, gossip
und gebrannte zucker und gebrannte
je macher

mein lang
public met tattered
aber der mondschien aber
life zinger king free war linger
icy corker hear dont bats
en arriere en arriere en

kaputt curzio malaparte

the postmodernist always rings twice gilbert adair
wising up the marks timothy s murphy
film at wits end stan brakhage


the moon is out this morning

et le jaune et
de vieux denture de vieux denture
nada sejemante un luna na
adentro un delica
it stares
the mist the traffic
like a mesmerising


het i road i dora si
gossip rubbish
et cara

pretty mean the pre
parecer a eso

verse elect
tub het mono loom thing
splashes on my … dri
& i (count my (jer (

the serial poem and the holy grail jack spicer

1587 a year of no significance ray huang


are dnno n
presents might to presents might to presents
ioc are wehhnb ioc are wehhnb ioc are wehhnb i
rien pareils un lune

in a fastidious tang
gone its less
__ mirada fija por
het tims het if craft yen mind screw near red
htye i desdeltstou prthfhito htye

il __ __ e bosso di __ il __ __ e bos
unsstv lmfftsr unsstv lmfftsr unsstv lmf
anal camel car dram arm a

i chew on it i
in knight o tuba thing kin u boat inking bath
over elect table south debt meal lobe select
pero __ luz de la luna pero
slap shes spy lashes ring
like freezing water like

o cunt in key ad
bards cars bad cads war

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