Party Platform

By | 1 July 2006

A new land will be
suspended from low cloud at sea
built from an aggregation of boat plumes,
sundogs and moon halos, jagged noon edges
lost string, single socks, the creases
in origami paper, incorrectly marked
senate ballot papers, reflections
in kettles, pot lids, bicycle mirrors
the smell of extinguished matches and
butcher shops.
There will be plenty of everything
you don't need and it will be cheap.
To get there you need do nothing but
open a plain brown envelope addressed
to The Householder that will
appear any day now under your
terrorist warning official issue fridge
magnet. People will not
have mouths and it will always be
twenty past two or three o'clock
in the morning and everyone has insomnia.
The system of government will be
based on an open packet of morning
coffee biscuits
which two overweight men
will pound to bits with a hammer
while they sing the theme song
from Oklahoma.
OK? Good. We're done.

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