Ern Malley: Parasol

By | 26 November 2005

for Vicki Viidikas

The sun has risen perfectly
Not inevitably but I respect
your wish
How sweet were the parasols
you unfolded with those
and their flight more real
than all that had been concealed
in darkness
Regret has flown unable
to land anywhere
afraid of the large black crow
we nailed to the roof
of the new day
Do you see the lips releasing
unoffered cries
the stranger's burning back
growing wings which need
no bird
the mind in the air of sailing?ñ?
And I too float
despite the heaviness in my palm
of the share of stones that are

ERN MALLEY liked nothing better than to garden. It was there, in his rubber gloves, that the words of the poems would come to him.'


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