Ern Malley: Hygienic Lily

By | 26 November 2005

for Keri Glastonbury

As far as I am concerned
the black swan of trespass is permanently
on loan to you – you have earned it
by getting the body – orifices and all –
onto the page; by navigating your poetic
dog past the law and those delightfully placed
mince-ball baits. Over and over
as I turn them, your clean white A5's make me fall in ink-
soiled love with a clitoral wit and insouciance so concerned
it hugs itself. I want to be in your coterie
of one. I want to be the one
whose legs split for you as wide as the skin
of the compost banana that made us laugh
that uncomfortable quiet-in-the-mountains
morning-after at its unsheathed penis-
ity poking from a huddle of eggshell
testicles in the sludge of emptied tea.
And now finished this breakfast of milk-
cold words, whisper some more rude bits into the gash
of my imagination. Really use that smart mouth.
I'm languishing like a swan on her nest – numeral and bent letter of her neck…
I wish there was no world; no language of p's and q's.
I wish we could tell them all what's in your little book of poems:
Lots of unfunny things are funny! There's no such thing as cool!

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