they rise

By | 1 February 2021

(after Hannah Brontë, after Maya Angelou)

it used to be all
white men shit
when I turned on the news
when I was little it was the same
shitty white liberal prime minister shit
shitty pauline hanson shit
shitty gap that needed closin
shitty fear of blak black brown
of women
of people fleeing wars that we’d started
I never thought I’d put pauline in a poem

we got a Blak Prime Minister
she’s deadly
she’s hot pink hot stuff she brings her tiddas
and they love us
they whip their hair
kiss the bubs
it’s all different now

they dreamt up this future
and invited us with em
turns out the future is technicolour blak black brown
turns out we’re all welcome here
queer brothers and sisters and non-binary siblings
if you been here since the first sunrise
or if you come here now just now
come here heart open
come here hurt from those wars
and those sea levels rising
my Prime Mister believes in us
she believes in me
wants our jarjums safe and educated good ways
wants the tiddas safe and the fellas too
she don’t care if we rich and her cabinet don’t either

I stand proud under our flag
lilac lime fuchsia
I stand proud
cos when Aunty Maya wrote
still I rise
I know she was thinking of us hey
all of us
blak black brown

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