Jazz Money

Jazz Money is an award-winning poet and filmmaker of Wiradjuri heritage, currently based on the beautiful sovereign lands of the Darug and Gundungurra nations. Her poetry has been published and spoken widely across so-called ‘Australia,’ and reimagined as murals, installation and video art. Jazz is the 2020 winner of the David Unaipon Award. In 2019, Money was the inaugural winner of the Aunty Kerry Reed-Gilbert Poetry Prize and a recipient of the Copyright Agency First Nations Fellowship. Her first collection of poetry will be published with UQP in 2021.

‘Collective generosities’: Sara M Saleh in Conversation with Jazz Money

Jazz Money is a poet and artist of Wiradjuri heritage creating work across installation, digital, performance, film and print. Money’s first poetry collection, how to make a basket (UQP, 2021) was the 2020 winner of the David Unaipon Award.

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if that ghost is still here come morning

if that ghost is still here come morning brew a hot cup go out walking with the memory of those you couldn’t heal * every night comes with new intention but i don’t know how to read the wind and …

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a case study on the colony

a case study of the colony – in lutruwita (tasmania) – twentytwenty (in the year of the coloniser). a property called cullenswood (we know that’s not the true name of that place) / was sold for twelve million dollars (in …

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they rise

(after Hannah Brontë, after Maya Angelou) it used to be all white men shit when I turned on the news when I was little it was the same shitty white liberal prime minister shit shitty pauline hanson shit shitty gap …

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