Anti-Doodles: a Dada-ist Game for Long Pandemic Afternoons

By and | 1 October 2020


  1. Orchid
  2. Escape
  3. Vulture
  4. Pancakes
  5. Hackles
  6. Impossible

I came here for pancakes and raspberry jam,
black pudding with bran flakes, granola on spam,
but my ill-fated plan takes a tumble… and BAM!
A outcroppy landscape rears up. Here I am

surrounded by grackles of nibby-sharp shape.
I puff up my hackles. I fluff up my nape.
A thundercloud crackles. Weird vortices gape.
I rattle my shackles and plot my escape…

but daylight turns midnight. The grackles turn vulture,
alight on the tip of a crackling sepulcher,
critique my cuisine with their cackling culture:

No orange juice, orchids, or grape nuts! They toss the bowl
into a wasteland that’s gaping, uncrossable.
These condors turn conqueror. Escape is impossible.

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