Yawning / cologne

By | 25 November 2019

A “home game” helps to lose you – some of
my emotions all lopsided
in your room like Brecht, turning

To grow a hill
in your apocryphal
scene – only make tones
around me

Let loose
an ex boyfriend,
a homebrand sweetener,
not unlike
a quarterback,
domesticity ~ fantasy,

A fragment of
us is movement


Do you always hold a gaze this
fretfully? Are you not an alien thing?
A reconnaissance – or rather
all matted in person?


You’re never far

away, though I prick your thumb

on a map. Rub
your likeness throughout the spill, we’re

inked to be this ineligible. Uncanny,

really, that we 
proved coupledom

as the outcome, even

when the odds were weighed up.

Your sinew, there, at last, wrapped
in a silk
dress, showing off!
Feathered torso,
bright wide gaze, will
lock, or swap wardrobes.

What gets put on reveals

the notes we otherwise

wouldn’t notice

in the time of
Viktor and Rolf

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