Susan Hawthorne

Dr Susan Hawthorne is a poet and a publisher. She co-founded Spinifex Press in 1991 and is the author of six collections of poetry the latest of which is Cow (forthcoming 2011). To check out Spinifex titles go to Spinifex Press and for eBooks click through to eBooks. She has supervised PhDs in writing and publishing for many years at Victoria University and is Adjunct Professor in the Writing Program at JCU. Her previous book, Earth's Breath was shortlisted for the 2010 Judith Wright Poetry Prize.

Susan Hawthorne Reviews Robyn Rowland

Robyn Rowland’s poetry career spans thirty years, with her first book, Filigree in blood, appearing in 1982. Reading this volume of new and selected poems is a journey in memory, an almost autobiography. I first heard Rowland read in 1982 at the Sydney Women Writers Festival and I was very taken by her ability to phrase poems in just the right way so that a listener can follow and take in her meaning. Indeed, for some of her poems in this collection, it was as if I had Rowland’s voice in my head – no easy task for a writer to achieve that. It means that the rhythm or pace or vocabulary is just right.”

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The Poetic Commons

Poetry is a kind of creative commons of the culture. These days we inhabit different microcultures and that complicates matters, but there remains a kind of substratum that most members of say, one country, understand.

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