신용목 (Sin Yong-Mok)

Sin Yong-Mok began writing in earnest in the year 2000 and has since published six poetry collections, although none of them share a similar theme, form or structure. That’s because the content and form of the poems have changed as Sin’s life has changed over the years. At first, he was interested in the absurdity of the division of the Korean peninsula and the world of violence inflicted upon marginalised people. His later work focuses on the pain, loneliness and fictionality of everyday life. He has been the recipient of both major and minor awards, including the Nojak Literary Award and the Baek Seok Literary Award. Though he is known for poetry and teaches poetry at Chosun University, he has published non-fiction and fiction as well.

Future Addiction 3

Time to turn on the Discount Mart sign lights. Like the iffy gaze a survivor makes when they swipe from the shelf mackerel cans that won’t expire even after the apocalypse, maybe people are sitting around human beings that someone …

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Future Addiction 1

Nineteen-year-old-me wanted to see my future so I lived another thirty years. So this is my future. I’ve seen it all. I want to go back and explain. In this never-ending time-travel that moves hour by hour I want to …

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Future Addiction 5

You have to wake up to wake up from a dream. But some people still sleep even when they wake up from dreams and some people dream even when they wake up from sleep. Hey, wake up! Having wild dreams, …

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바람의 백만번째 어금니 (The Wind’s Millionth Set of Molars)

나는 천년을 묵었다 그러나 여우의 아홉 꼬리도 이무기의 검은 날개도 달지 못했다 천년의 혀는 돌이 되었다 그러므로 탑을 말하는 일은 탑을 세우는 일보다 딱딱하다 다만 돌 속을 헤엄치는 물고기 비린 지느러미가 캄캄한 탑신을 돌아 젖은 아가미 치통처럼 끔뻑일 때 숨은 …

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갈대 등본 (Certified Copy of Reed)

무너진 그늘이 건너가는 염부 너머 바람이 부리는 노복들이 있다 언젠가는 소금이 雪山처럼 일어서던 들 누추를 입고 저무는 갈대가 있다 어느 가을 빈 둑을 걷다 나는 그들이 통증처럼 뱉어내는 새떼를 보았다 먼 허공에 부러진 촉 끝처럼 박혀 있었다 휘어진 몸에다 화살을 …

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