나희덕 (Ra Heeduk)

Born in 1966, Ra Heeduk holds Masters and Doctoral degrees from the Department of Korean Literature, Yonsei University. In 1989 she won the JoongAng Ilbo Shinchun Literary Award and began her literary career. From 2001 to 2018 she was a professor of Creative Writing at Chosun University, and since 2019 has been a professor in the Department of Creative Writing at Seoul National University of Science and Technology. In 2012, she was a visiting professor at SOAS (Centre for Korean Studies) University of London, and she has served on the editorial advisory boards of the journals Creative Writing and Criticism and The Green Review. She has published a great many collections of poetry, to broad acclaim, and her poetry and prose have been translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Farsi, Vietnamese and Burmese. She has given presentations and poetry readings at international creative workshops, readings and symposia, including the International Creative Writing Program (IWP) in Iowa, the Korean Studies Centre at UC Berkeley, the International Poetry Festival in Costa Rica, the Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival in China, the Korea-China Writers’ Conference, the Korean-Turkish Literature Symposium, the Auvergne-Vivare Ligon Poetry and Literature Festival in France, the Beijing International Poetry Festival in China, and the Taiwan International Poetry Festival.

National Sorry Day

This is not a day for red appleologies. This is not a day for yellow appleologies. This is not a day for green appleologies. It’s a day for sincere apologies, a day when a country says it’s sorry to First …

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Corals and Mushrooms

(to Samantha Faulkner) What do corals and mushrooms have in common? They reproduce with spores. We’ve birthed children through sexual reproduction but now we’re becoming a bit more like corals and mushrooms. Because we have hard and rugged bones and …

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In Front of Someone’s Teeth

One time while climbing a snow-covered mountain clunk, my ankle got caught in a trap. The trap had been set by a villager to catch wild animals. I managed to break the trap through the snow, but my injured ankle …

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결정적 순간 (A Decisive Moment)

일찍이 나는 바람에 흔들리는 법이나 빗줄기에 소리를 내는 법, 그리고 가을 햇빛에 아름답게 물드는 법에 대해 배워왔다 하지만 이파리의 일생이 어떻게 완성되는가는 낙법에 달려 있다 어디에 떨어지느냐는 문제가 되지 않는다 땅에 떨어졌다고 해도 잎이 아닌 것은 아니다 바람에 불려 다니는 …

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숲에 관한 기억 (Memories of a Wood)

너는 어떻게 내게 왔던가? 오기는 왔던가? 마른 흙을 일으키는 빗방울처럼? 빗물 고인 웅덩이처럼? 젖은 나비 날개처럼? 숲을 향해 너와 나란히 걸었던가? 꽃그늘에서 입을 맞추었던가? 우리의 열기로 숲은 좀더 붉어졌던가? 그때 너는 들었는지? 수천 마리 벌들이 일제히 날개 터는 소리를? 그 …

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