Petra White

Petra White is moving to Belfast. Her most recent book is Cities (Vagabond Press 2021).

Journal in March

Berlin, 2022 1 I write in haste, as if on the jut of the future, the thinly veiled present stands still all around, like a set of chessmen waiting to be knocked over. We move dumbly, slow tractors in a …

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Petra White Reviews Martin Harrison

Many years ago, as a young fruit-picker, I carried Martin Harrison’s The Kangaroo Farm around with me for a week. I was camping on the Murray in Cobram, and struck by Harrison’s vivid evocations of the landscapes like the one in which I was sleeping on rocks. His sense of light, the gristliness of things, the sounds, the movement of kingfishers. It was a world made up of particular details, of things attempted to be seen as they are, rather than being embroidered into any overarching narrative or self-proclaiming poetic. Harrison had a kind of honesty and closeness to things that I hadn’t yet seen in my early days of reading Australian poetry.

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Impian Tentang Kerja | A Dream of Work

Impian Tentang Kerja Tengkorak kita yang tersesat saling mengitari geloyor lapisan lemak dalam cahaya lampu kantor yang meredamkan cahaya. Kita di sini demi ada di sini, senantiasa siap sedia. Kerja yang membara keterdesakan yang tak begitu mendesak – suara-suara manusia …

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