Luke Fischer

Luke Fischer is a poet and scholar. His publications include three authored books: the poetry collection Paths of Flight (Black Pepper, 2013), the monograph The Poet as Phenomenologist: Rilke and the New Poems (Bloomsbury, 2015), and the book of bedtimes stories The Blue Forest (Lindisfarne Books, 2015). He won the 2012 Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize, was twice shortlisted in the 2012 Newcastle Poetry Prize, and commended in the 2013 FAW Anne Elder Award. He was awarded a PhD in 2008 and is an honorary associate in the philosophy department at the University of Sydney.

Rilke, Cavafy, Hölderlin: Simeon Kronenberg Interviews Luke Fischer

Luke Fischer has been writing poetry since a relatively early age and has combined this deep engagement with ongoing academic studies in philosophy, along with an interest in music. His first collection of poetry Paths of Flight (Black Pepper, 2013) has been widely regarded as an outstanding debut and was commended in the FAW Anne Elder Award. In 2013, with his wife Dalia Nassar, Luke initiated the highly esteemed Poetry and Music Salon in North Bondi. The private salons have also led to public iterations, including: ‘Poetry and Music Salon: Do Poets Tell the Truth?’ at the 2014 Sydney Writers’ Festival and ‘Poetry and Music Salon: Poetry vs Prose’ at the 2015 Sydney Writers’ Festival.

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Rilke and the Buddha: Three Translations

These poems instantiate a significant cross-cultural and intermedial dialogue between West and East, Europe and Asia, sculpture and poetry, the founder of Buddhism and a Modernist poet. Rilke’s interest in the Buddha was stirred by an Indonesian statue in Auguste Rodin’s garden in Meudon which the French sculptor had procured (along with other Buddha statues) from the 1900 World Expo in Paris.

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Dealing with Early Spring

           Hamburg, 2012   A beggar cups his hands and pleads for change while the sun gilds his palms and fingers like a bowl possessed by Charlemagne, standing now in a museum’s vitrine. This gold is superfluous to him but I …

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