이성복 (LEE Seong-bok)

LEE Seong-bok (b. 1952) was born in Sangju, Kyungsang Province. He graduated from Seoul National University, majoring in French literature. Poetry collections When Will the Rolling Stone Awake 1977), Namhae geumsan (1986), End of That Summer (1990), Your Suffering Cannot Turn One Single Leaf Green (2001), Ah, Mouthless Things (2003), Ripple Patterns on the Moon’s Forehead (2003). Vastly expanding the sphere of meaning to permit endless questions to be raised, his poetry makes us rethink of the fundamental relationship that lies beneath life. In his recent poetry book, Ah, Mouthless Things, the poet touches the beings and things existing on the fringe of the world in very sensitive words He. currently teaches French Language and Literature at Gyemyeong University.

육체가 없었으면 없었을 (Without the Body, Wouldn’t Have Existed)

매독 앓던 훈련병 맨머리처럼 희끗희끗 눈발 스쳐간 산들, 늙은 소나무 가지에서 눈 뭉텅이 떨어져 흰 떡가루 사철나무 붉은 열매를 덮고, 쌓인 눈 위에 밀린 오줌 누고 나면 순무처럼 굵게 패이는 구멍, 생각나는가 목에 뚫린 구멍으로 더운 피 쏟던 잔칫날 돼지 …

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꽃은 어제의 하늘 속에 (A Flower, in Yesterday’s Sky)

사랑은 사랑하는 사람 속에 있지 않다 사람이 사랑 속에서 사랑하는 것이다 목 좁은 꽃병에 간신히 끼여 들어온 꽃대궁이 바닥의 퀘퀘한 냄새 속에 시들어가고 꽃은 어제의 하늘 속에 있다

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