Kishore Ryan

Kishore Ryan recently interned at Cordite Poetry Review and is currently studying composition and literature at Monash University. He is the son of the poet Max Ryan, whom he plays in a band called Hexham with. He also plays drums with Mick Turner (Dirty Three) and Lisa Salvo (On Diamond). His composition ‘I Purchased Two Donkeys’ for percussion and electronics will be performed at the 2018 Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music by Line Upon Line (USA). His poems have been long-listed in Poetry Society’s National Poetry Competition and published in Malevolent Soap. He was also a semi-finalist in 92Y’s 2016 Discovery/Boston Review Poetry Contest.

Kishore Ryan Reviews Paul Croucher

While Paul Croucher has previously published A History of Buddhism in Australia 1848-1988, this is his first poetry collection. Embedded within the poet’s attention to nature is a Buddhist understanding of suffering as a necessary part of existence and at times his spiritual beliefs are expressed explicitly.

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Review Short: Rose Hunter’s Glass

Glass is a collection of elegiac poems, a memoir of free verse about the poet’s travels through Mexico and her own debilitating ailment. The ‘you’ in book is addressed with a certain fondness (‘where are you / i feel of course now we would have the most wonderful conversation’) and an intimacy that suggests the poet is speaking to someone she was once romantically involved with.

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Kishore Ryan Reviews Lachlan Brown

‘Toward dusk,’ writes Brown in the book’s penultimate poem, ‘when the sky is passport blue, / you return via the National Performing Arts Centre, / its vast half-egg reflected in the stirring water.’ This poem, ‘Blank face double vision’, is reminiscent in certain ways of Lorca’s Poet in New York. Both Brown and Lorca use the phrase ‘blank face’ as well as the word ‘egg’.

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