Joopaka Subhadra

Joopaka Subhadra is a powerful Dalit woman writer and an activist who has been instrumental in establishing Mattipoolu (SC, ST, BC and Minority) Women Writers’ Forum. Her short story collection, Rayakka Manyam, contains vignettes of different aspects of Dalits. Subhadra has a poetry collection, Ayyayyo Dammakka and contributes political essays, book reviews, songs and journalistic pieces to a well-known feminist journal, Bhoomika. She has co-edited Nalla Regadi Sallu (a collection of Madiga women’s stories) and Kaitunakala Dandem (Madiga poems), both of which have had an impact on the Telugu literary scene. She has also translated the well-known Tamil Dalit woman writer, Bama’s Sangati into Telugu (via the English translation).

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Translated from the English to the Telugu by Joopaka Subhadra మేము మీ … వైద్యులమ్ కళాకారులమ్ కవులమ్ మీకు చదువు చెప్పే గురువులము , మీ న్యాయ వాదులమ్ మీ సమాచార సాంకేతిక నిపుణులమ్ మీ పారిశుధ్య కార్మికులమ్ , సంగీతకారులమ్ నటులము , మీ మూల దుకాణాల్లో పనోల్లమ్ బస్సుల్ని …

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Avva’s Stack of Grief | మావ్వ, దుక్కాల్ని దున్ని పోసుకున్న తొక్కుడు బండ

Translated from the Telugu to the English by K Purushotham Avva, my mother— she’s not a wick-lamp, safe in wall’s ledge she’s the sun went astray in the rug of the sky, she’s a famine in the stretched out phallu …

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