진은영 (Jin Eun-young)

Jin Eun-young was born in Daejeon, South Korea, in 1970. She graduated from Ewha Womans University with a degree in Philosophy, and later received her PhD (writing a thesis comparing Nietzsche and Nagarjuna). Jin Eun-young made her literary debut in 2000, publishing poems in the spring issue of Literature and Society. She has since published a number of poetry collections, including 일곱 개의 단어로 된 사전 [A Dictionary of Seven Words], 우리는 매일매일 [We, Day By Day],훔쳐가는 노래 [A Stealing Song] and 시시하다 [Sisihada], and has received the Kim Daljin Literature Award for Young Poets, the Daesan Literature Award, the Modern Literature Award, and the Cheon Sang-byeong Poetry Award. She has written numerous academic books: Nietzsche, Eternal Return and the Philosophy of Difference; Critique of Pure Reason: Taking Reason to Court; and The Atopos of Literature, among others. In addition, the poetry anthology Red Snowflake was published in French by Bruno Ducey Publishing (2016), and the English translation of We, Day By Day was published by White Pine Press (2018).  Jin Eun-young is currently a professor of literary counselling at Korea Counselling Graduate University.

서른 살 (Thirty Years Old)

어두운 복도 끝에서 괘종시계 치는 소리 1시와 2시 사이에도 11시와 12시 사이에도 똑같이 한 번만 울리는 것 그것은 뜻하지 않은 환기, 소득 없는 각성 몇 시와 몇 시의 중간 지대를 지나고 있는지 알려주지 않는다 단지 무언가의 절반만큼 네가 왔다는 것 …

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70년대산 (Born in the 1970s)

우리는 목숨을 걸고 쓴다지만 우리에게 아무도 총을 겨누지 않는다 그것이 비극이다 세상을 허리 위 분홍 훌라후프처럼 돌리면서 밥 먹고 술 마시고 내내 기다리다 결국 서로 쏘았다

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