진은영 (JIN Eun-young)

JIN Eun-young (b. 1970) majored in philosophy at Ewha Womans University and Graduate School, receiving her Ph. D for her research on Nietzsche. Her poetry collections include Dictionary with Seven Words (2003) and Every day, We (2008). For her, writing poetry proves the most agreeable method of communicating and exchanging with the world. Perhaps her writing activities are, like the waving branches furthest from our reach, nothing but weak, fragile acts. But her poetic and philosophical distance from the center means she is free to come in contact with other beings and objects. For her, poetry is a surprise created by fingers stretching out to the world rather than to her own body.

서른 살 (Thirty Years Old)

어두운 복도 끝에서 괘종시계 치는 소리 1시와 2시 사이에도 11시와 12시 사이에도 똑같이 한 번만 울리는 것 그것은 뜻하지 않은 환기, 소득 없는 각성 몇 시와 몇 시의 중간 지대를 지나고 있는지 알려주지 않는다 단지 무언가의 절반만큼 네가 왔다는 것 …

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70년대산 (Born in the 1970s)

우리는 목숨을 걸고 쓴다지만 우리에게 아무도 총을 겨누지 않는다 그것이 비극이다 세상을 허리 위 분홍 훌라후프처럼 돌리면서 밥 먹고 술 마시고 내내 기다리다 결국 서로 쏘았다

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