Iris Fan Xing

Iris Fan Xing is currently a PhD student in the School of Humanities in the University of Western Australia, working on a comparative research project of contemporary Australian and Chinese women’s poetry that involves creative writing and translation studies. Her bilingual (Chinese-English) book of poems, Lost in the Afternoon, was published by ASM in Macao in 2009. She was awarded first prize in the Poetry Section of the Hong Kong City Literary Awards 2011.

The Many Lives of a Handscroll: Inspired by Zhai Yongming’s ‘Ambling along the Fuchun Mountains with Huang Gongwang’

Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains is a handscroll by the Taoist painter Huang Gongwang from the Yuan Dynasty. It is now acclaimed as one of the ten masterpieces of Chinese painting.

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Two Poems by Chen Yuhong

I’ve Told You I’ve told you my forehead my hair miss you because clouds in the sky brushing through one another my neck my earlobes miss you because of the ennui of hanging bridge, alley grass and the bridge lane …

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Three Poems by Cao Shuying

A Letter from International Waters (Love, I’m on international waters lying on the pale blue deck breeze touching the back of my bent knee thinking, ‘I belong to no one’ touching my cheekbones, two hanging cliffs A showing-off of local …

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