Harry Reid

Harry Reid is a co-director of Sick Leave and the author of Leave Me Alone (Cordite, 2022) & the best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend (Puncher & Wattmann, 2020).

‘Bombala Boss’: Harry Reid in Conversation with Michael Farrell

How on earth to interview Michael Farrell? I once introduced Farrell at a reading as one of my ‘top five dead or alive’ Australian poets. I still believe this to be true. I once watched him eat a falafel during the open mic section of a poetry reading in Sydney. Once, while driving the work van, I saw Farrell on the way to the pool and honked the horn, realising later he’d have no idea it was me. What does this all mean?

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Introduction to Harry Reid’s Leave Me Alone

BUY YOUR COPY HERE In Harry Reid’s Leave Me Alone, we enter a nondescript door down a laneway, casually apply the secret knock, and the door slides open – just enough for us to squeeze through sideways before it shuts …

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my street gets a haircut

my street is a Gemini & tears itself up every night # my street decides against the Westgate gets cocky drives stick up the Hume # my street avoids metaphor # my street calls the council every morning & complains …

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anyone w a treble clef tattoo is bad news

when did melbourne get so northcote in the backyard a greyhound rolls itself despite m intentions – for a while i thought it best just let it all wash over m like a half-drunk lifeguard then i hear gareth tellin …

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