anyone w a treble clef tattoo is bad news

By | 1 February 2017

when did melbourne get so northcote
in the backyard a greyhound
rolls itself despite
m intentions –

for a while i thought it best
just let it all wash over m like
a half-drunk lifeguard

then i hear gareth tellin m thats
shit & hes right

of course

“u gotta see things a little more history
more poetry or smthng”

when did i get so handsome?
sex in th morning so european
i keep m socks on what a don juan

if yr juanna i guess that makes m
john johnson or mayb keats
“killd off w 1 critique”

u sexy little debrief
in th breathy suburbs i love
a sunburnt neckline

th australian dream realised
a tennis ball on a string in m garage

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