Ellen van Neerven

Ellen van Neerven is an award-winning author of Murri and Dutch heritage. She belongs to the Mununjali people of the Scenic Rim in South East Queensland. She is the author of a work of fiction, Heat and Light and a poet volume, Comfort Food.


Sometimes, the house is unclean. In this panic I find myself of past and future. When we clean houses we do so knowing that they are watching and our lives depend on it. When we teach our children to clean …

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in this community

Boonwurrung country June 2017 mutual suspicion in this community whitefella owned homes gated & locked blackfella hired house magpie-guarded sugared study afternoons walks on dusk scaling fences & stretching thick-grassed vacant lots trespassing to find the ocean waves eating activewear …

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we left crumbs on Country forgot to bring them inside our cushioned seats the photo I took of you is blurry I walked home to a spider on my bed beneath the lamplight the strangeness between us is glowing I …

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Introduction to Jeanine Leane’s Walk Back Over

In Walk Back Over, Wiradjuri woman – read: poet, academic, historian, teacher – Jeanine Leane takes off our wallpaper to reveal the personal and political layers of a nuanced history.

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Water on Water

The music of the water as it coves. We covert each other. Rings from the aquarium gift shop that change colours. Cover of sunlight does not show what happens after dark when the neighbours stone the penguins to death on …

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તરાન પીસાં | Flight Feathers

Translated from the English to the Kunkana (Gujarati script) by Kamlesh Gaekwad અઠ બુહું પૅલિકનાં તે ઓવારાવર ગોળા હુયી જાનુકા  કુટબેના ફોટા જીસાં લાગ? વેટ વાવર આહા તળાવીહુન ત ડોંગરહુદીનાં ઝાડ ત યુધ્ધના દેશ આહા. ઉજે઼ડ ઝીલ સંઘર્ષનાં ગુલાબી ગળાં પરંપરાગત હોડી …

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I want to know what that hawk got in the grass, what it ate alive. Long grass where a Fogarty, a Sandy, a Currie walked Shining for bones, a boomerang’s hand ‘You were the last we expected to do this’ …

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