Cath Kenneally

Catherine Kenneally is a poet, novelist and an arts journalist, a reviewer and critic. Her poetry collection, Around Here, won the South Australian Premier’s award. Her novels, Room Temperature and Jetty Road, have been well received critically as have her other books of poetry Ci Vediamo (Little Esther books), All Day, All Night (from Salt) and Thirty Days Notice (Wakefield Press). Kenneally’s Eaten Cold is coming soon from Walleah Press.

A Little Rain

The hot spell broke last night Today, light showers, not even enough to damp down the sandy dust in the front yard But just the sight of rain slanting earthwards seen from under a café awning, lifts the spirits, germinates …

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Charge Nurse

depth-charge migraine aftershock bouncing side to side in brain-pan Pola knows this is no ordinary lie-down I hear her clip up the passage into the room stop beside me to lick my fingers where they dangle from under the covers …

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Dressed in Yella

My voice-reading facility kicks in as I listen to the recording with forensic precision it deciphers her answering-machine message one part frightened, two parts breathless My sister sounds harried, almost asthmatic and that’s her work voice Oh dear. I’m too …

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