Caitlynn Cummings

Caitlynn Cummings has an MSc in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh and writes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama. She is also the Managing Editor of the literary magazine filling Station and the Coordinator of the Calgary Distinguished Writers Program. Her work can be found in This Magazine, Alberta Views, dead (g)end(er), Cordite Poetry Review, ditch, and NōD. Follow her on Twitter @Tartaned_Maple.


My companion thinks she’s too good for me. Do me a favor, huh? Put her down with some of your poetry. That’ll make her sorry. — Petronius, Satyricon Marcus Valerius Martialis, invective extraordinaire, your braggart swaggery virtuoso ratbaggery precedes you; …

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Words Wrought in the Rockies

This week, Canadian poet Caitlynn Cummings, editor of the Calgary-based journal, filling station, gives us the lowdown on the recent Canmore artsPeak festival, which took place in the Canadian Rockies in June.

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