Bridget Vincent

Bridget Vincent is a McKenzie Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne. She recently completed a PhD in English Literature at Cambridge University as a General Sir John Monash Scholar, and before coming to Melbourne spent a year teaching Practical Criticism and Literature 1830-Present at Selwyn College and Magdalene College, Cambridge. Her work on modern poetry and ethical criticism has been accepted for publication in MLR, Philosophy and Literature, and Diogenes.

Review Short: Robert Gray’s Daylight Saving: a selection of poems by Robert Gray

Daylight SavingIn ‘Minima’, Robert Gray writes that ‘the senses can mislead us, / …when we rely on only one of them’. Gray is in no danger of being misled. The dimension of synaesthesia in his perceptions has been widely noted, but it manifests itself in this collection as something both chronologically prior to, and conceptually broader than, the apprehension of one sense through another.

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