berni m janssen

berni m janssen, a writer/performer, works with writers, musicians, visual artists and people to make art, events, feasts. Words are always at the heart - written, printed, spoken, sounded, sung, seen, shared and exchanged. Her most recent book of poetry between wind and water, was published by Spinifex Press in 2019.


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po (i) nt

an other flees full stop tidal tugs tyres full stop arm a meant for holding torn full stop tired full stop another slips sleeping awake waters sinking full stop mourning tears are salt in which we swim full stop home …

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Introduction to Javant Biarujia’s Spelter to Pewter

Cover design by Zoë Sadokierski In Javant Biarujia’s poetry, language matters – matters as in important, and matter as a unifying substance, a material to be transformed, and in so doing, becomes transforming. Particles of language are pounded out, splintered, …

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to tongue or not to tongue reed stone heart word mushrooms explode in mouth the world in this bowl of broth my mother has sung songs her mother sung in the making of another poor and thin in the time …

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can can tu tu da da do do can do da da can tu tu do tu can do da da tu do can tu do tu do da can da can da can do tu can tu do da …

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