By | 1 October 2015
to tongue or not to tongue
			                    reed    stone    heart    word   mushrooms   explode in mouth the world					     
			                    in this bowl of broth
			                    my mother has sung 
			                    songs her mother sung in
			                    the making of another poor
			                    and thin in the time 
of war 	remember	     the words we spoke 
			                    to vanquish the hungering always 
			                    remembrance of sweet a piece  a peach
		            peace					                                        the nights cold ponds
				                              all faith fled 
				                    pot mouth belly empty clangs hunger 
				                    urgent as sirens
				                    curfew curlew clamour heart bold
	in the star-stare shiver a bristle of brisk stems salt-water edged
			         gills  gulls  fret  air  she  bends				
				                    an egg palmed      
            			 shell  cap  fractures  voice  rupture

		all lost in a night where the tongue 
			      tastes no more 


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