Benjamin Laird

Benjamin Laird is a software engineer and poet. His print and electronic poetry have been published in various journals. His longer works include the digital chapbook The Durham Poems, part of a series of biographical poems on William Denton, a nineteenth-century spiritualist, scientific lecturer, and radical.

Rotation About a Fixed Axis

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The Writing: Benjamin Laird

Melbourne-based Benjamin Laird writes computer programs and electronic poetry, which he discusses here in the first of a new, occasional blog series looking at the writing practice of contemporary Australian poets.

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Australian Literary Journals: Virtual and social

Twenty years ago, if you published a quarterly literary journal, you could be certain what that meant: four issues a year. When Anna Hedigan wrote her overview of journals and their web presence eight years ago not much had changed. The publishers’ attitude to the online space was that it was essentially a placeholder for the print journal.

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nothing left in

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