Anna Couani

Anna Couani is a Sydney writer, school teacher and artist. Her most recent publication is Small Wonders, poetry with parallel Chinese translations by Sou Vai Keng (Flying Islands Books 2012). She was active in small press publishing from 1975-92.

Falling Angels: A Chapbook Curated by Anna Couani

In curating this collection, I asked the writers to provide pieces that are short, edgy, and I’m happy that they have fulfilled that very loose brief. The disrupted texts they’ve produced – whilst having interesting formal qualities – also have poignant emotive qualities. The term I use for what others refer to as prose-poetry is experimental prose because I find that term broader and more inclusive. I asked several visual artists to suggest works that I could take or requested particular works I had already seen.

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Happy Place

A dark blue fringe of lace above a soft brown wooden surface, the lattice. City lights, not twinkling, twinkling less because they are closer, not further. Blue space between the lattice and the city. Blurring in and zooming out. Seeing …

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Lilies on the Dam

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