Angi Melania Cristea

Angi Melania Cristea is a Romanian-born writer of Macedonian ethnicity. She is the award-winning author of several collections of poetry and literary criticism, most recently Orașul ventriloc (2020), 777 Amintiri (2018), and Căutătorul de pokemoni (2017). Her poetry has been translated into Italian, Portuguese, and Albanian, and appears here for the first time in English translation.

Last October

leaves and my frail-heeled shoes your stubbed-out cigarettes on the ground until yesterday love was a cricket astray in the artesian well and all the pink-lipped autumns… over the doll’s house my young mother laughs to my father who is …

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Igloo | Iglu

The birds that invade the sky with phosphorescent wings, they are moments of softness, cracks in plaster-time. I see their splinters among the spent stars and I ask the planet of a thousand solitudes not to spread her tentacles towards …

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Bicoloured | Bicolor

I can be quiet with the alabaster syllables I can rattle the silence or adorn the lines of destiny with bicoloured storks I love the endless column its cedar scent but the knife with which I sculpt the clouds smells …

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Poem with Sea | Poem cu Mare

the sea is spilling young fish onto the shore your smile is hanging in the horizon like a hairpin where are the ice banks the hordes of lovers the seagulls on one leg when the ship capsizes? your hands are …

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The Ruse of the Night | Trucurile Nopţii

tonight sparkling quinces are moaning on the windowsill through the skin of each star I see perennial shadows time to harvest the wine grapes that terrible gift of drinking must from the palms of life as if I were or …

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